Friday, 13 February 2009

Episode 0 - Making Stuff Up!

An adventure in N+1 episodes.

And so it begins...

A blog.

I intend to explore a variety of geeky subjects - in a not-too-serious manner.

Firstly, let's make some stuff up. I enjoy making stuff up. If someone asks me a question, especially a mundane question, I tend to think for a moment "should I answer truthfully, or would it be more fun to make something up?" That's not to say that I'm *dishonest* exactly; on the contrary - I have a very honest nature and I'm not at all good at lying. But it's all tempered with a bit of playfulness.

Of course, there's also that "Ha-Ha-Only-Serious" (HHOS) trait, common to many geeks and hackers. The borderlands between serious and silly are not well defined; and sometimes it's easier to joke about something I feel strongly about. I suspect that I'll be covering a good number of subjects from pure fantasy to serious opinion - sometimes you might even be able to tell which is which. If you stick around, maybe you'll see what I mean...

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