Thursday, 25 June 2009


I have a strange aversion to some mainstream bits of popular culture. I find it hard to explain exactly why.

But you may notice:

I don't acknowledge the existence of that 1960's band whose name has something to do with Entomology. You know the one. I believe they were immensely popular way back in the day. In my own particular revisionist version of history they simply don't exist. Never did. Don't mention them to me. You'll just get a blank quizzical look.

I don't wear jeans. Well, not blue denim ones anyway. Black? Ok. Grey? Possibly. I even had a pair of blue-ish jeans once (but not made of denim)
I do have a blue-denim jacket too. But not an actual every-day pair of blue denim jeans.
I haven't worn such things since I was about 12 and I see no reason to change.*
I don't mind other people wearing them. But it's just_not_me. Ok.

Similarly, I tend to avoid products from Ford, Microsoft, Nestle, Sony & Tesco. **


It could be that I'm just a contrary b*strd.

* I think that once, I had to borrow a pair of jeans in order to do some hefty, dirty work. But that doesn't count does it?
** Some of these are for real rational reasons & some irrational.